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The Kingdom of God Flag Company ® mission is to give Glory to God. Our vision is for the TRINITY® Flag to be the Kingdom flag for Christians. The TRINITY Flag is not only a Christian flag, but a Kingdom Flag too. This flag is a new addition to the advancement of the Kingdom of God, in Jesus’ Name.

All governments have a flag; such as our United States flag. The Christian’s government is the Kingdom of God (Isaiah 9:6-7 KJV) and our citizenship is in Heaven (Philippians 3:20 AMPC). The Kingdom of God Flag Company® presents the TRINITY® Flag; the governmental flag for the Kingdom of God. Our Kingdom Flag !!!

TRINITY: God in three Persons (1 John 5:7 AMPC, “So there are three witnesses in heaven: the Father, the Word [Jesus] and the Holy Spirit, and these three are One;)”


The Kingdom of God Flag Company ® is created for God to use us as a platform; that may allow the the body of Christ to unite for the manifestation of the sons of God. By partaking in the purchase of the TRINITY® flags, we can make the desolate places be like the garden of Eden (Ezekiel 36:34-36, Isaiah 61:4), so that Jesus can come for His glorious church, this is when we have accomplished the mandate to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Matthew 24:14).

The TRINITY® Flag is not only used as a point of contact to God, such as a cross or rosary beads, but much more. The expectation of the TRINITY® Flag in the world is that with its purchase, it brings comfort to people in need. The TRINITY® Flag is “SHOWING GOD, WE ARE MINDFUL OF HIM”.

We believe by funding the established programs and project of ministries, we are making a great difference in the lives of many people. The programs are the distribution of food, clothing, and housing; be taught life-skills, education, computer & basic finance, provide discipleship enlightenment, healthcare, pro bono lawyers & more.

Wherever injustice is, we will play a part in providing help.

The TRINITY® Flag’s key components are its three colors; purple, red & gold, which represent the government of the Kingdom of God. The colors stands for … the color purple is for God the Father, for He is Royalty, the color red is for God the Son, for Jesus’ Precious Blood, and the color gold is for God the Holy Spirit, for His Power. Our design now displays images for those who would like the TRINITY® Flag to have a more specific impact, while praying, using their faith with scripture; God’s promises.

Our Current Selection

Special orders can be available, Email us !

  • The TRINITY® Flag is modeled after the standard of the United States flag; from 4×6 inch stick flag to 3×5 feet sizes or larger, with & without fringe.
  • The TRINITY® stick flags is also designed as a token of love to give while evangelizing; they can be given with gospel tracts or with Bibles.
  • The larger TRINITY® flags shall stand tall indoors (as in attention to our King) in sanctuaries, halls, on stages & in offices.
  • For outdoors; they shall be installed on our buildings, the TRINITY® Flag shall fly high in the wind, as if pointing to the Heavens and then bowing down to God as the wind changes.
  • The TRINITY® Praise & Worship Banners and Streamers comes in the TRINITY® Flag colors only, no images at this time.

Whether dancing before the Lord in the privacy of their homes or praise & worship the Lord with the congregation, either way enjoyment is found in watching the TRINITY® Flag’s vibrant colors, flowing in the air with every move.


TRINITY Flag _ Spiritual Warfare _ Eph 6 AMPC


John 18:36 (AMPC), Jesus answered, My kingdom (kingship, royal power) belongs not to this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My followers would have been fighting to keep Me from being handed over … But as it is, My kingdom is not from here (this world); [it has no such origin or source].


1 Peter 1:19 (AMPC), But [you were purchased] with the precious blood of Christ (the Messiah), like that of a [sacrificial] lamb without blemish or spot.


Deuteronomy 8:18 (TLB), Always remember that it is the Lord your God Who gives you power to become rich, and He does it to fulfill His promise to your ancestors.

Just by having the TRINITY® Flag in the world is changing the atmosphere for the better. People are finally seeing that there is another way; they don’t have to conform to the status quo. There is a way out of their circumstance, and that better way is through Prayer, Praise & Worship, Sowing & Reaping and by Loving One Another with Action, in Jesus’ Name, AMEN !!!


Please join us in doing God’s will by manifesting the sons of God to a world that needs so much love. I am ready for Jesus to come for us; His Faithful Church, aren’t you? Together, we can make the difference, let us give God the glory, He so richly deserves.

According to Job 22:28, I decree that the TRINITY® Flag is a household name on Earth as it is in Heaven for the Advancement of the Kingdom of God, in Jesus’ Name, AMEN !!!

Job 2:28 (KJV), Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.

Matthew 24:14 (KJV), And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

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