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Giving Is God: A Practical Guide to Giving

Giving Is God: A Practical Guide to Giving

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Have you ever wondered about God? Who He is? How He thinks? How about the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit being One person? Well, let's search the scriptures together so that God can reveal His awesomeness to us in such a way that we're transformed like Him, through Christ Jesus. Giving Is God is a way to search the scriptures in bit-sized pieces that ultimately makes you long to read and study your Bible more.
Giving Is God is about God the Father; God the Son, Jesus; and God the Holy Spirit on what He has given us in His Word. It's about God's life through His Son, Jesus Christ; the Word of God; also what we are to give to Him and our fellowmen.
This 546 page book was written to show how much the Bible talks about giving, and the different ways to give. Yes, it talks about money a lot, which is how the earth operates. God gave us this provision in the beginning (Genesis 2:10-14). Money is needed for everything, especially to get the Word of God to all the world. This book will give a certain "giving" word and back it up with scripture(s).
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